Choose Grace: Why now is the time

What if a child, given away at birth, discovers that this very act would set her on the track for a grace-filled life? What if her journey was filled with discovery, passion and a will to share the startling realization that we can move beyond Karma? Now with her book, Choose Grace, Why Now Is the Time, more


Shirley Willis

“Loretta’s gift, her recently published Choose Grace: Why Now is the Time, is a remarkable work of unconditional love. I have known Loretta for years, watched as she breathed her creation to life and followed her words as she fitted them together to form her story.

And still, when I sat down to read the message as the sum of its parts, now presented in anecdotal form, I was given a new awareness of the vastness of human capacity.

To read this book is to experience the deep well of Loretta’s generosity, her peace, her kindness, the quietness of her soul, and, in the light she shines on truths larger than ourselves, to glimpse the endless capacity of being. Choose Grace is truly inspiring.”

Harvey and Julie Grady

“In a world that often seems difficult and hopeless, Loretta shares stories from her Grace-filled life and encourages us to explore our use of Grace to improve our lives.

She discovers that Grace empowers us to change the unchangeable, to bring Light into darkness, Love into fear, unity into separation. Instead of feeling helpless, we learn how to invoke Grace to ease our path and the paths of others.

Loretta draws inspiration from the Monitor readings and the dimensional matrix known as the Genesa system to sharpen our understanding of Grace and make it a practical power in our daily lives. She guides us into a more precise and accurate knowledge of the Law of Grace and how we manifest it. She explores the greatest mystery – why we often do not live in Grace.”