Agent of Grace

Agent of Grace

To this day, I continue to evolve. I am coming to know my authenticity; that I am a radiant and an infinite being not bound by culture, dogma, and worldly rules that define and confine who I am. I truly trust the impulses and the calls to action that sound from deep within myself. This trust has encouraged me to step forward and serve self, community, country, and even the planet with pure love and wisdom without expectation of rewards, recognition, or reciprocal action.

My past experiences as a health professional and a teacher have helped me develop my authentic self. As a health professional, I have learned that I should focus my efforts on creating health and not solving problems. As a teacher in the public schools, I saw my students set goals for positive change and I have learned a lot from how they do it.

Another way I am coming to know and be my authentic self is by resting. For me, rest is not just a time out for relaxation and rejuvenation. I am coming to recognize that at rest, experiences come and go. I notice my environment through my senses. I notice my thoughts and feelings. Yet I am not those sensations, those thoughts, and those feelings. I am pure awareness that includes sensations, thoughts, and feelings.

The position of rest is an important avenue to be an agent of Grace. I am discovering I can cooperate with others and be of service when I am alert, and I let go of expectations of others, of myself, and of the idea that I need to do something or that you need to do something. Such freedom and pure love result from being totally present to another person or a situation with the intent of being of service.

On an individual level, we can be agents of Grace by choosing to live within the organization of Grace. In becoming agents of Grace, first of all we serve ourselves by honoring and respecting our bodies and our uniqueness of mind, emotions and spirit. Next, we serve others by gaining and then sharing expertise and experience.

With Grace, we step off the wheel of karma. Grace does not negate the wheel of karma. We transcend it. We can always step back on the wheel and live within the law of karma. When I speak of the law of karma, I simply mean cause and effect. My selfish actions bring a reaction. This is often expressed as, “What goes around, comes around.” Within this context, the law of karma takes effect when we act with selfish intentions.

The infallible way to be within the organization of Grace is to be aware of others and respond graciously to their needs. The order of Grace invites all to the experience of oneness, where form and spirit are united. Grace is our birthright. Let us invoke Grace for ourselves, our community, and our planet. Now is the time.


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