Arizona Monsoons

Monsoons – the time of summer when all desert beings are nourished.  The moisture comes in the form of mists to downpours, a metaphoric illustration of how Grace is present for us all .

When I first visited Arizona, I would see signs “Do not cross when flooded.”  That seemed humorous when I could still see the road beneath the flowing water.  That was until I heard twelve inches of running water can float a pickup and I viewed several rescues on the local news station.  I respect the power of nature realizing it is not the depth, but the speed when it comes to flowing water.

Another aspect of the monsoons are the clouds floating among the red rocks reminding us of God’s handiwork.  I truly know the beauty and harmony of nature reflect the ever-present expressions of Grace in our lives.   Additional expressions besides beauty and harmony described in Choose Grace include ease, abundance, altruism, receptivity, trust, pure love, golden light and purity.  It does behoove us to recognize and expand expressions of Grace in our daily lives.IMG_0376_mini

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