Calling All Agents of Grace.

13680585_10207650419431757_2328365802847004057_n1Here is the first paragraph in Chapter 9 describing my explanation of an agent of Grace. “As an individual agent of grace, I am evolving and coming to know my authenticity. By authenticity, I mean coming to know I am a radiant and an infinite being not bound by culture, dogma, and worldly rules that define and confine who I am. I know I am an unique person with unique gifts. I truly trust the impulses and the calls to action that sound from deep within myself. And because I trust, there is no doubt that I care deeply for myself and the world and I step forward to make a difference.”

Clearly stepping forward to make a difference implies we are in service. How we can be of service is continually evolving and changing. For example, I do watch the news and observe situations and people that break my heart open. With fervor, I invoke the golden light of Grace and know I have made a difference. Begin each day by asking that Grace be present where need and acceptance are perceived. So simple, yet so profound. Remember the first law of Grace: Grace expresses Divinity and is all-pervasive.

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