A Contemplation of Fall

Fall is winding down as we move toward winter in the high desert of Sedona, Arizona. Seeing these leaves that have been bright yellow and drop to the ground one-by-one reminds me of the book “Freddie the Leaf” by my friend Leo Buscaglia. This story is about the seasons as experience by Freddie the leaf, about the life cycle of birth and death where the form changes and life continues.

It’s not surprising that Leo used leaves in his children’s book to present a sensitive facet of the life-death cycle. On one visit to Leo’s California home, we experienced his living room filled with fall leaves in which we rolled and frolicked.  Such unexpected entertainment, but so Leo.

How often we revisit meaningful memories by observing what is presently in our view or sensory experience.  All we need to do is breathe deeply, take it in, recognize the presence of Grace and say thank you.

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