Experiences of Grace during my Adult Life: the Younger Years

Experiences of Grace during my Adult Life
Our Wedding day

I can vividly recall specific times in my adult life when Grace continued to support my actions. As I left my reservation home at the age of eighteen, I decided to fulfill my goal of becoming a registered nurse by attending a diploma school of nursing. It was during this time that I met my husband Ken.

It was fate, or I should say, Synchronicity, when we met during a get-acquainted dance. Ken was a senior at the local college, and he was allowed to attend the activities of student nurses since he was living and working at the state hospital campus. Ken told me that when he saw me, he had a brief vision of him and me wearing tunics by a well. He was my younger brother in that scene. Ken said he knew instantly I was the person he was going to marry. This is such a vivid example of the act of Grace that I call dimensionality.

We were inseparable for the next six weeks. When Ken graduated from college, he had to go to California because he signed a teaching contract and felt obligated to honor it. I also had a year left of schooling before I can become a registered nurse. So we went our separate ways, but we kept in touch by talking on the phone daily and exchanging letters. Being separated was intolerable for us, so without even planning it we simply decided to get married during one phone conversation. The only stipulation was that Ken would find a school of nursing into which I could transfer my credits. He did that within the week. Can you imagine how amazing that was? The nuns at my nursing school were upset by my decision to leave, but I never questioned that all was in order, and we were doing exactly what was right for us. That clarity is the result of living in Grace.

Another clear example of Grace in our lives happened when Ken and I were living in Florida. By this time we were a family of seven – Me, Ken, and our five children. Our family moved to Florida because Ken managed to receive a grant to complete his master’s degree in guidance and counseling in the University of Florida, in Gainesville.

We rented a rural home, and Ken traveled to the university some days with a friend. Our house had central heat, which consisted of a kerosene-fueled stove in the center of the home encased with drywall on three sides. One day the stove continued to heat, drawing in more fuel even though I had turned the rheostat to off. The wall was hot to the touch, and the stove was turning red hot. I got the children outside and called the university for Ken. Meanwhile Ken perceived my need and danger. Ken had no explanation of how he knew there was a major problem at home; he just knew. He asked the friend for his car keys and was on his way out of the building when the message reached him.

My explanation is that dimensional communication was possible because of our love, Ken’s receptivity, and the outpouring of the presence of Grace in our lives. All life is truly organized to be of benefit when we recognize and invoke Grace. Ken drove home with urgency. He listened to my story of the red-hot stove and immediately shut off the fuel at its source at the tank behind our house. He learned of this in tents in cold Korea, where the stoves tended to overheat. We both marveled at how the need was communicated with ease and clarity, and action was taken with trust, not panic, but with urgency.

There are numerous examples of how Grace has affected my life during the younger days of my adult life. I am blessed with such an abundant life and living within the higher organization of Grace is what brought me to where I am today.


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