Experiencing the Drama, Pain and Value of Fire

Mother earth is scorched as a human caused forest fire ravages Oak Creek canyon near Sedona, AZ this May 2014.  Each person living in the vicinity reflects on what is of most value they wish to take with them if evacuated.  Experts suggest the 4 P’s; persons, pets, prescriptions and papers.  I also include my hard drive, two original paintings, clothes and cash.

At one level, we realize that all life is impermanent and constantly changing and this fire exemplifies this fact in a dramatic way.  Thankfully we are resilient, resourceful and part of a larger community.  We trust we will be cared for and provided for in the midst of the unknown future.  May the Golden Light of Grace envelope all!

Growing up in the ponderosa pine forest of the Black Hills of South Dakota, I remember that in order to propagate, pine cones need heat to open and release their seeds for the next generation of trees.  Also the Lakota people speak of the purification that is the result of fire.  We hold those thoughts as we grieve the loss of habitat for animal; the four-legged, the finned, the furred and the feathered ones.  We grieve the loss of the lush beauty of the canyon and the pristine air quality and the clear flowing Oak Creek.  Thanks to Gancarla Montenegro Aguilar for flame photo and Ted Grussing for smoke photo.


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