Experiencing Oneness

The experience of oneness may present itself in dramatic or subtle ways.  How often do we yearn for a dramatic, even sensational experience of oneness?  Where we clearly feel a part of all and anything is possible.  We sense or see the connection with another, with nature or with a situation without the awareness of self and the other.  We are one; nothing to fear, nothing to solve and nothing to achieve. Oneness or unity provides a perspective of support and abundance.

Recently I had a more subtle expression of oneness.  Four of our family are coming for the December holidays.  It came into my thoughts that I could go to a certain business near our home, rent a villa and more of our family will come.  I followed through immediately and in my terms, the Universe provided.  A villa was available for a reasonable price the exact days needed, airline tickets were available and two more families said they would fly in.  Within that day of the villa inspiration, fourteen to sixteen family members will now gather for days in Sedona.  With minimum effort, a plan came together with support and clarity.  Hooray for residing within the flow of Grace.  We are grateful.  Thank you Rusty Albertson, for recording the beauty and unity of father sky and mother earth punctuated with monsoon clouds and Sedona Red Rocks.

I welcome you to share your stories on this blog site so we can recognize the interconnections present in our daily lives.  Dramatic and subtle examples are welcome.


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