The Floodgates of Grace Opened

My Ken and dad, grandpa and great grandpa has turned eighty. Twenty-five of us gathered for four days in Flagstaff, AZ to celebrate. Would you believe there was a home for rent that could accommodate all of us? The Choose Grace book had arrived and each family now has a book as evidenced in the photo.

An Asian friend had told Ken earlier that 80 was a most important birthday in his culture with all the family gathering. Ken passed on this information to me and since this celebration was a surprise, I remained quiet. And it truly was a SURPRISE! Ken reminded me later of the custom to gather and his heart was overflowing with love and gratitude. It took major planning and commitment for so many to gather to honor and celebrate Ken.

Eight and eighty are numbers representing the coming together in balance of the spiritual and material worlds and the numbers of abundance. We give thanks for Ken as he enters this eighth decade sharing his love and wisdom with family and friends.

Please add comments of what you know of 8 and 80 and of times of grace you have experienced.

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