Freedom from Several Perspectives

The fifth Act of Grace, or said another way, the fifth Result of Grace in our lives is freedom. Let us explore freedom from several perspectives.

Freedom at a physical level could imply we have freedom of movement. We can choose where to be and how to get there. We can express ourselves with our expressions and body movement.

Freedom at the emotional or astral level could mean we choose love over fear. We recognize there need not be “shoulds.” We know acceptance and appreciation begins with ourselves.

At the mental level, we realize much of our reality is of our making and if we feel restrained or a victim, we change the story. We accept the freedom to acknowledge the truths we adopt are often set forth by our acquired beliefs from our families and our culture. These truths or perspectives have a role, but do not need to fully determine our views and choices.

At the soul or causal level, we are all part of the Divine. We are perfection expressing in a myriad of ways. We are free to be that beauty and reside within the higher order of Grace.

How do you accept and choose Freedom in your daily life and celebrate all that is you?

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