Grace-filled Childhood

Grace-filled Childhood

Looking back, I believe that my birth and the events connected with it are acts of Grace. I was actually adopted within days of my birth, and I knew very little of my biological mother. I do know that she was an unmarried fifteen-year-old high school student of Christian faith.

Several states and acts of Grace were expressed by my biological mother when I was conceived, delivered and released to my adoptive parents. She manifested the divine in birthing a radiant new soul within my physical being. And by releasing me to my new family, she also gave me a freedom I did not fully realize until I became an adult.

One act of Grace clearly shown during my birth was synchronicity. Dr. King, the doctor who delivered me, had two unrelated patients – my biological mother, who was giving birth, and a couple ready to adopt a baby. Things simply came together, and this was before agencies were in place with regulations for such transactions. In this instance, Dr. King was the pivotal person with the power and the love to facilitate my passage from my biological mother to my adoptive parents.

Growing up in Dupree, South Dakota, I experienced several empowering acts of Grace that eventually led me to know and define the laws and states of Grace. Since my parents were busy running a business six days a week, I experienced the freedom of activity and of time, and safety and trust were afforded by a small community of around 250 people and my common sense. I was always outdoors from the time I was seven years old until I turned eighteen. To this day, I feel content when I am in nature.

Since my parents were devoted Roman Catholics, Grace was introduced to me early in my life. The sacraments and rituals found in the Catholic doctrine and the native rituals of passage of my Native American friends helped shape my early spiritual development, and played a big role in the development of my connection with Grace.

Even at a young age I always confident in my ability to discern right from wrong. Throughout my life I have definitely committed “sins” as defined by man-made doctrines, but I knew that the actions I took were right for me and for my development. True discernment, or clarity, is a state of Grace that can begin early in life with openness to experience and interpretation.

A particular gift of Grace that manifested for me was from my high school science teacher, Ms. Bachus. You see, I was always drawn to pursuing a career in the health field, and Ms. Bachus helped instill in me a love for science and encouraged me to have an inquisitive mind. Her encouragement gave me direction and confidence in my future careers.

We experience many acts of Grace throughout our childhood years. Try to look back and you will realize this is true.


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