When I was a child, I assumed that Grace was associated with Christianity. I was taught that Grace was an unearned gift given to all of us by the Creator-of-All, whether we thought we deserve it or not. However, as I grew into adulthood, I came to know that all people, regardless of their religion, history, or spiritual practices, have access to Grace, not just Christians. I came to know that since Grace is order within and beyond form, it is available for all.

I remember saying this morning offering every day when I was young, “I offer all my thoughts, words, and deeds in love for the good of all.” As a child, I was only doing what my parents taught me, but as I grew older, I realized that this has helped set into motion my Grace-filled life.

All of us want to experience Grace to the fullest but some of us have difficulty doing so. Why is that? What is stopping us? I believe that one obstacle that would obstruct us from this life experience is our tendency to view and describe our experiences with the attributes of duality. What is duality, one might ask? For the purpose of this discussion, let me explain it like this. Duality is when you judge life experiences as good or evil, helpful or hindering, right or wrong, strong or weak, and encouraging or discouraging. It is seeing things in black and white when you could also be seeing grays all along the spectrum from black to white. By viewing the duality all along a spectrum of possibilities or choices of actions and perceptions, we come closer to experiencing the gamete and wholeness of the spectrum, and then we move toward unity into the flow of Grace.


Charlene Spretnak has this to say about Grace, “Experiencing Grace involves the expansion of consciousness of self to all of one’s surroundings as an unbroken whole, a consciousness of awe from which negative mind states are absent, from which healing and groundedness result. For these reasons Grace has long been deemed amazing.”

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