The Joy of Living Seventy-Plus Years

At an earlier time, I concluded the fifties and sixties were most likely the most productive years of one’s life.  I am having to reconsider that conclusion.  Perhaps in the seventies and eighties, the family and work distractions are minimized and that promotes focus and clarity to create and implement new ideas and projects.  Perhaps it is the wisdom gained and the releasing of the trivial concerns that increases the inspiration and productivity.  Whatever the reason, I am thankful to be healthy, wise and energetic during this stage of life.

I definitely do not take it for granted and give thanks each morning and evening.  In “Choose Grace, Why Now is the Time,” I write of my morning offering and my evening utterance of thanksgiving.  This habit has been with me since early childhood when my parents insisted we pray together as a family.  To this day each morning I say, “I offer all my thoughts, words, and actions for the highest good and may the golden light of Grace be present where need and acceptance are perceived.”

At this stage of life, with the publication of “Choose Grace,” I am able to spread the word about living within a higher order expressed in the laws of Grace.  Social media, personal appearances such as the book festival illustrated in the photo, radio interviews and living a grace-filled life are all a potential in my daily life.

I invite you the reader to consider highly productive years of your life or perhaps what you consider will be those inspiration, creative times and please respond to this blog with your thoughts.

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