Live Within the Higher Order of Grace

How can we welcome more Grace in our lives? By Grace, I mean an organizational force of a higher order. We can invoke, open and be receptive to that higher order. Residing in the order of Grace means the absence of suffering and angst as a life constant. Suffering and pain can be occasionaly present, but as a signal, a challenge to expand our participation with Grace. In “Choose Grace, Why Now is the Time,” I identify the laws, the states or expressions and the acts or results of Grace in our lives. Recognizing those laws, states and acts of Grace already present in our daily lives and setting the intention to enact even more expressions of Grace helps assure we will reside within the higher order of Grace.

The inspiration to define and enliven Grace in my own life came one night as I was lying in bed feeling content and full of gratitude. I said out loud “Why is this lifetime so easy?” I heard a voice clearly say, “Grace.” At that moment I knew I would explore and share my knowing of Grace. By the way, ease is one of the twelve expressions of Grace.

I welcome your comments and experiences of Grace in your lives. May you be enveloped in the golden light of Grace.

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