This has been a year with multiple experiences of pure love which is one of the results of residing in the higher order of Grace.  2013 has been a year of endings, milestones and beginnings.

My dear friend and business partner passed as the result of pancreatic cancer.  Marlene was a constant source of love and light in my life.  I was privileged to share in the process of her death.  Grace enveloped us and I was continually reminded of the second law of Grace:  Grace is interlaced with love and our role is to surrender.

A milestoneIMG_5054-200x300 was the celebration of my husband Ken’s 80th birthday.  Our family including our five children and their spouses, ten grandchildren and spouses and one great-grandson, 25 in total, spent five days in Flagstaff, Arizona.  We continue to gather in harmony, joy and trust.  I feel the ease in coming together is the result of an outpouring of Grace that blesses our yearly gatherings.

In the cycle of life, we welcomed Kellen, son of Taryn and Chris, as our newest great-grandson.  The radiance and pure love of Grace are so present in this new life now part of our family.

Life is abundant and does manifest the Divine with ease.  I know such joy and sharing are the result of being enveloped by the golden light of Grace.  I am so grateful and invite the golden light to be present in every life where acceptance is perceived.  Embrace Grace as it is our birthright.



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