New Beginnings Each Day


Driving across Northern Arizona as the earth turned toward our radiant sun filled me with joy and potential.  Each dawn heralds a new beginning to be recognized and created.

Since early childhood I have welcomed the day by saying “I offer all my thoughts, words and actions of this day for the greater good of all.”  As an adult now aware of the higher organization of Grace, I add “And my the golden light of Grace be present wherever need and acceptance are perceived.”

Let us embrace with passion the Laws of Grace and live a life of abundance, ease and altruism.  Choose Grace, Why Now is the Time is a primer to recognize and enhance Grace in our lives.  As we read about the States and Acts of Grace, we identify the results of Grace in our daily lives and increase our participation in the flow of Grace.

You are welcome to share with comments here how you recognize the presence of Grace in your life.

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