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The second law of Grace: Grace interlaces with love, and our role is to surrender. “Just what does it mean to ‘surrender’? Surrender implies a willingness to give up isolation and accept partnership with the divine. So often in my life I have thought, ‘I have to do it myself and not count on anyone else.’ This was especially true regarding my experience with our five children, born within a seven-year time span…

As our children grew and I matured, I realized I couldn’t control all our lives. I surrendered to the fact that daily routine and even important decisions needed to be shared by those involved. However, it felt like I was shirking my responsibility as a wife and mother. In reflection, I know I confused my knowingness of responsibility and of control. At times I thought I was being responsible, and I was really controlling. Now I know that I did not fully accept my own divinity, meaning I didn’t thrust that power of love within myself and my husband and children. By the time our five children were teenagers, I surrendered control. I truly accepted the fact that each of us was a divine being and capable of making responsible, loving choices.” (p. 13)