Recognizing Grace

Genesa Crystal
Genesa Crystal

The major tool I use to come to know more fully a concept or a way of expressing is the Genesa Crystal.  This matrix of plutonic solids-in this instance, the cube, was brought forth by my friend Dr. Derald Langham.  Derald was an agriculture geneticist and a student of human behavior.  With Derald’s guidance I thoroughly learned the system.  You can see me here standing within a 3-dimensional representation of a cube standing on a corner.  This form resides in my backyard in Sedona, AZ.

When I was informed I would write a book on a higher organizational order called Grace, I stepped into the matrix to elicit the information to define Grace, to recognize its qualities and to increase accessibility to residing within the flow of Grace.  The three sets of faces of the cube held the laws of Grace, the twelve edges of the cube defined the states of Grace and the eight corners set forth the acts of Grace.

Within the Genesa structure I simply aligned my heart center with the Divine and reached my arms and hands to the faces of the cube placing the words or concepts that came forth from my Divine heart and mind. With the principles or laws of  Grace on the faces, I then combined the revealed words on two faces all around the cube to get the expressions or states of Grace at the edges of the cube.  Next I combined three faces in the corners of the cube to bring forth the results or acts of Grace in our lives.  Grace and how to recognize it was present and organized all around me.  I had a dynamic outline to begin the process of making Grace recognizable for those of us who are available to reside within this higher order.  Thus was born Choose Grace, Why Now is the Time.

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