Reflections on the Winter Solstice

A glimpse of winter in Sedona as I walk down my street.  Puffs of white skirting the ridges of red rock and the blue sky peeking through the moisture laden clouds told me that winter is close by.  This Winter Solstice reminds us to slow the patterns and rhythms of daily living and expand our senses; to see more, to hear more, to feel more, to smell more and to taste more.

The Winter Solstice asks us to draw in and draw together.  We become introspective and brighten the light that we are.  The lights of the season, such as on my mantle and on my tree, can gently remind us we are truly the light of the world.  Our responsibility is enhance our radiant selves.  The lack of reflection of the light during this dark new moon phase helps us notice our own radiance and that of others.  One of the results of residing in the higher force of Grace is radiance.  Invoke Grace daily for yourself, others and our planet. Let your light shine forth.  Wishing you inspiration and peace this Winter Solstice.

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