Regenerating at a Sacred Space

IMG_1234Each of us can identify that space or place that refills our energy reserves. Placing oneself physically or through imaging will fill our spirit, our mind and our physical body with renewed energy and that sense of well-being.

One of my scared spots is Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills of South Dakota.  I have been returning to these falls at least yearly since I was four years old.  That means for seventy-two years now.  As I stand above or below (literally under) these falls, I am uplifted by the negative ions released as the flowing water hits the rocks.  I have always recognized the presence of a nurturing being I call the supervising deva.  This precious life force helps maintain the harmony and nourishing sense of this sacred space.

How astonishing to continually experience this renewal and support!  I know I am within the higher order of Grace exemplified by Roughlock Falls.

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