Laws of Grace

The 3 Laws of Grace

Here are the three essential principles that define Grace as I have come to know it. I call them the Laws of Grace. The First Law – Grace expresses divinity and is all-pervasive. Recognizing Grace often begins with faith. Besides my Christian upbringing, I also had the pleasure of learning Native American spirituality from the […]

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Recognizing Grace

The major tool I use to come to know more fully a concept or a way of expressing is the Genesa Crystal.  This matrix of plutonic solids-in this instance, the cube, was brought forth by my friend Dr. Derald Langham.  Derald was an agriculture geneticist and a student of human behavior.  With Derald’s guidance I […]

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New Beginnings Each Day

Driving across Northern Arizona as the earth turned toward our radiant sun filled me with joy and potential.  Each dawn heralds a new beginning to be recognized and created. Since early childhood I have welcomed the day by saying “I offer all my thoughts, words and actions of this day for the greater good of […]

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