The 12 States of Grace

The 12 States of Grace

The 12 States of Grace are the expressions of those qualities within the Laws of Grace that help us recognize and amplify the presence of Grace in our daily lives. Here are the States of Grace in no particular order:


  1. First State of Grace: it is our birthright to call upon Grace in relationship with the power of love to manifest for the highest good. We can live within the organization of Grace when we realize that we don’t have to earn the presence of Grace and it’s just there for us – for free.
  1. Second State of Grace: all our intentions are accomplished with ease when we align with the divine, the power of love, and surrender. Our intentions are manifested effortlessly as we surrender and accept full partnership with the divine.
  1. Third State of Grace: abundance is experienced when we recognize love is interlaced with Grace harmonizing with the creator-of-all and divinity. We will feel like we are living in a benevolent world, and we have nothing to worry about.
  1. Fourth State of Grace: we live in beauty as love interlaces with all pervasive Grace. We will appreciate every tiny detail we experience in our daily lives.
  1. Fifth state of Grace: altruism is the result of claiming our power supported by all-pervasive Grace. We give and receive without expectation and recognition.
  1. Sixth State of Grace: to be receptive, we surrender to all-pervasive Grace. We show a willingness to adapt to changes if it is beneficial to all.
  1. Seventh State of Grace: an outpouring is the result of love interlaced with Grace and power. As we move through our daily lives we experience feeling fully supported.
  1. Eighth State of Grace: when we surrender to the power of manifesting, we live in harmony. We feel confident in our decisions and maintain a balance between doing and letting.
  1. Ninth State of Grace: trust is possible when divine Grace flows with power. We fearlessly pursue our dreams knowing we are protected and guided.
  1. Tenth State of Grace: the golden light of all-pervasive Grace holds and sustains our manifestations for the greater good of all. We feel surrounded with love and possibilities and the support is tangible.
  1. Eleventh State of Grace: pure love is manifested with the interlacing of love and Grace. We are not separated and alone, we are all connected.
  1. Twelfth State of Grace: surrendering to the power of Grace assures purity of intent that embraces selfless service for the greater good. Motivation and action are above questioning and reproach.

We can live within the Laws of Grace when the States of Grace are truly expressed in our daily lives. All we have to do is to accept this gift that was given to us and start living our lives within the higher organization of Grace.
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