The 3 Laws of Grace

Laws of Grace

Here are the three essential principles that define Grace as I have come to know it. I call them the Laws of Grace.

  • The First Law – Grace expresses divinity and is all-pervasive.

Recognizing Grace often begins with faith. Besides my Christian upbringing, I also had the pleasure of learning Native American spirituality from the Lakota, and it instilled in me the connectedness of all of life. Both spiritual traditions played a big role in the development of my connection with Grace.

What we learn as children teaches us about the order of Grace, and as we grow older, we continue to develop this through our life experiences. By accepting the order of Grace, we recognize relationships or patterns that work in harmony for the benefit of all life, and it shows us that Grace has an effect on everyone and everything.


  • The Second Law – Grace interlaces with love, and our role is to surrender.

Grace and love are ultimately inseparable. Grace is so interwoven with love that when we experience love, we experience grace. Grace is the result of the harmonic relationship between all loving essences and the Creator-of-All, which is made up of all forms and all life dwelling within the world of forms.

How do we surrender to Grace? We surrender by giving up exclusive control in our lives and accept shared control. When we surrender we show a willingness to give up isolation and accept partnership with the divine. As we surrender our sense of isolation and connect with the divine, we invite Grace.

Surrendering can sometimes be difficult. But we have to realize that we cannot control other people’s lives and make choices for them. We need to accept the fact that each of us is divine and is capable of making choices for ourselves.


  • The Third Law – Grace channels power and one result of that power is manifestation.

As we immerse ourselves within the higher organization flow of Grace, we channel the power that is our birthright. Within the force of Grace we become aware of the presence of what we desire, this is called manifesting or said another way, recognizing.

However, our human experience can establish boundaries of what is possible. I notice within my own life that I am sometimes careful, even timid, regarding what I ask to be manifested. To get pass these boundaries, we must relearn that we are divine. We are not separate from our environment. We are one with all.

Osak Denisen in Anecdotes of Destiny and Ehrengard said, “We have all been told that grace is to be found in the universe. But in our human foolishness and short-sightedness we imagine divine grace to be finite. For this reason we tremble … But the moment comes when our eyes are opened and we see and realize that grace is infinite. Grace, my friends, demands nothing from us but that we shall await it with confidence and acknowledge it in gratitude. Grace, my friends, makes no conditions and singles out none of us in particular; grace takes us all to its bosom and proclaims general amnesty.”

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