The 8 Acts of Grace

Acts of Grace

The Acts of Grace are the results of living within the Laws of Grace. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. First Act of Grace: manifestation

Manifestation is the result of living our lives within the organization of Grace. By invoking Grace interlaced with love and by claiming the power of Grace, we recognize our intentions or manifest.

  1. Second Act of Grace: clarity

We can achieve clarity of thought and action when we accept and surrender ourselves to the power of Grace. Clarity gives us the confidence to do things without second-guessing our decisions. It frees us from our unfounded fears.

  1. Third Act of Grace: joy

The sense of joy we feel when we are immersed in the manifestations of love interlaced with all-pervasive Grace gives us the ability to care for the welfare of others with no strings attached.

  1. Fourth Act of Grace: dimensionality

As we surrender our need to control and as we partner with the divine, we possess the power to experience the interconnection of all life, both within and beyond form. We identify with our own personal makeup—our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

As we live in Grace, we experience an existence larger than the reality supported by our physical senses. In fact, our senses serve as a filter allowing only a certain experience of reality.

  1. Fifth Act of Grace: freedom

Freedom allows us to make decisions without limiting our urges to explore. It frees us from being affected by the possibility of our own doubts as well as criticism from others. With freedom, we feel that we are interconnected and supported by all of creation.

  1. Sixth Act of Grace: synchronicity

Synchronicity is the act of seemingly unrelated concepts or events coming together in a meaningful manner. We cannot explain this by simple cause and effect.

  1. Seventh Act of Grace: radiance

Living in radiance and being a radiant presence to others is an outcome of Grace. As divinity is imbued in form, the power of love radiates from the form. When divinity, Grace, and power come forth, an outpouring of creativity, the light of soul and a force for good is experienced as radiance by all life essences.

  1. Eighth Act of Grace: infinity

As we accept and surrender ourselves to the power of Grace, we will realize that we are all one and that the sense of separation or isolation we sometimes feel is merely an illusion. All of us are part of the infinite organization of Grace, and all is one with no beginning and no end.

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